The Feminist Revolution Evolution

Feminism is not dead, it has just evolved.  Third Wave Feminism is the feminism of today.  The movement is closely tied to how women are represented within popular culture, where visible oppressors include the media, entertainment, and advertising industries.  The Third Wave Foundation (formed in 1997)  is a feminist, activist organization committed to achieve gender, […]

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Is Feminism Dead?

Barbara Kruger’s 1990 piece provides a satirical look over the white picket fences of suburban America in the 1950s and 1960s.  What is this young woman doing as she peers through her magnifying glass?  Why, inspecting for dirt of course!  This image of woman as dirt detective addresses the plight of the suburban housewife; the […]

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The South’s First Sit-In

I was interested in learning more about sit-ins in the South during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, so I consulted one of my new favorite sources for historical context, YouTube.  Although I’ve mentioned it before, I think that this site is such a great resource because, while books can give a person the information of […]

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