The Future of CRG@CGP

Throughout the course of this semester, I have enjoyed learning how to use the blogosphere to bring issues regarding race, class, and gender to the web.  I am excited to see how the blog will grow and change next year.  It is important to consider that the course is the main unifying factor for the […]

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About Jhumpa Lahiri

After class today, I wanted to learn more about Jhumpa Lahiri to see how her personal experiences may have played a role in her fiction. In particular, the third paragraph of this biography relates pretty well to our discussions today.

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Painting a Unified Labor Force

This piece reveals the ability art has to address important political and social issues.  It depicts a garment factory symbolizing the factory that Fasanella worked in as a young man with his mother and sister.  Fasanella, his mother, and his sister are all painted in the scene, highlighting the import role the factory played in […]

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Iowa Remembers Immigration Raid

Tuesday marked the one year anniversary of the immigration raid in Postville, Iowa where 389 workers were arrested. A very small town, Postville had a population of around 3,000 before the raid, but now is only home to about 1,800 people. On Tuesday, approximately 650 people attended a vigil marking the event. An article on […]

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Love Interrogated

Who doesn’t love a love story?  American culture is filled with tales of love lost and love found, serendipity, and punch/drunk love.  Is this why the 2005 film Brokeback Mountain, a love story about two gay cowboys, was so widely accecepted by American audiences?  The tale depicts a lifestyle traditonally marginalized within mainstream American society, […]

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