Miss Chief Eagle Testickle

Native Americans wearing thigh-high platform moccasins?  A head dress made of pink feather boas?  A recreated tipi decorated with Louis Vuitton suitcases and a chandelier?  Kent Monkman, a noted Canadian artist, has used his native Cree heritage to create paintings, films, installations and performances that question and challenge traditional perspectives of native peoples.  His artwork […]

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Toyota Throwback

It seems that Toyota is looking to fashion a new image for itself after the company’s recent legal issues.  Their new television commercial for their popular Avalon model harkens back to a time when products were thought to be safely and solidly built.  The commercial features an extravagant Art Deco train station set that is arguably […]

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Life on “The Rez”

When Native Americans are shown in the modern media they often appear to be trapped in the past. Rarely are they shown outside of the context of European settlement, the American frontier, or the Wild West. Little, if any, attention is given to modern Native American living on reservations, also referred to as “the Rez” […]

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Welcome to the Emerald City

Picture this:  a small, typical, rural-for-New England town of about 5,000 people.  Formerly agricultural, now a bedroom community for neighboring town’s industrial companies, the only development consists of two small shopping centers of about five buildings each.  Zoning laws require that each property have two acres on the road, creating the illusion of a woodsy […]

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The Other Protest

While the 1968 feminist protest of the Miss America Pageant took over the Atlantic City boardwalk, another protest was taking place around the corner.  As the feminists protested against the objectification of women in the Miss America Pageant, the first Black Miss America contest was held to protest the exclusion of women of color from […]

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The Pill Turns 50

There’s no such thing as the Car or the Shoe or the Laundry Soap. But everyone knows the Pill, whose FDA approval 50 years ago rearranged the furniture of human relations in ways that we’ve argued about ever since.[1] This weekend, I ran across an article on Time.com memorializing the 50th birthday of the birth […]

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The Umbrella Term

Our recent class discussions have touched on what it means to be a feminist today.  As Cynthia’s earlier post discussed, the umbrella idea of feminism is essentially a search for gender equality/justice in all aspects of life.  If you choose to assume the feminist label, there are, of course, many different ways you can define […]

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“I stand outside this woman’s work, this woman’s world.”

After class, I couldn’t stop thinking about a “woman’s work” and what historical records were left that would help me to better understand how the reality of labor became a myth of domesticity. In my Google searching, I came across an amazing resource from the Harvard University Library’s “Open Collections Program.” The collection, entitled “Women’s […]

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