End of semester

It’s the end of the semester so CRG@CGP is taking a little break.  Occasional posts will appear over the summer and in the fall, and then we’ll get back into full swing in January 2011.  Thanks for reading!

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`cos everybody hates a tourist

In Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed there is included a readers guide The .” The second question of which is : 2. Were your perceptions of blue-collar Americans transformed or reinforced by Nickel and Dimed? Have your notions of poverty and prosperity changed since reading the book? What about your own treatment of waiters, maids, […]

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Can I get you your check?

When reading Nickeld and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich I gained more from the account when I read it as a middle class woman entering into a wage grade job and less than desirable living conditions. When the book is read from this perspective I believe it raises its value, especially in light of the current […]

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Keeping up with the Trumps.

I was thinking about our discussion last week about our job worries coupled with the recession, and how this exact same feeling probably occurred to our parents. The only difference between then and now, I think, is our consumer culture. This thought came to me when I was remembering the consumer history course I took […]

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I feel like this is a bit stereotypical in nature that this topic was my first thought for this blog post…but the great thing about delving into stereotypes is coming out with a changed perspective on the other side. I’ve been interested in Indian culture for quite some time…yes, maybe it was in part due […]

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Coming to America

In trying to find an exhibit that detailed Asian immigration to the United States, I came across the Chinese Historical Society of America’s online initiative called “Civil Rights Suite.” As we had previously talked about African American civil rights, the women’s liberation movement, Latino rights, and the Red Power movement, I thought highlighting a site […]

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