Similar Bank Accounts

One more point that struck me as I was reading Nickel and Dimed was the similarities between low-income workers and museums.  Ehrenreich points out over and over how there is simply an imbalance in the amount of money earned and the amount of amount of money needed to survive.  During my thesis research I looked at a lot of different museums’ income generated in comparison with their operation costs.  The cost per visitor is often more than double the amount museums generate in income from each visitor.  Admissions, food service, retail and facility rental at most make up about 30% of museum operating budgets.  So basically museums are doing what low-income workers do on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, low-income workers can’t write grants to supplement their income though.  But I wonder if this is another point of reference for museums to connect with low-income audiences.  Most visitors do not know the business side of museums, so maybe it would be interesting for visitors to understand that there are similarities between their bank accounts and the daily challenges of staying ahead.

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