Who Owns History?

Thinking more about our discussion on Tuesday, and having read this New York Times article and the reactions to it, I want to explore the topic of “ownership” of the Holocaust a little more.  I am increasingly frustrated with the point of view that any one group should “own” history. It is critical that we […]

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Is this racist?

I remember the first time I saw someone wearing this t-shirt.  I was at an after party in downtown LA for a comedy show.  I didn’t get the message that this was going to be a hipster party.  It was obvious that I forgot my ironic eyeglasses and converse high tops.  Little did I know that […]

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The Silent Sufferers

The first part of last week’s class focused on the blog post dealing with domestic abuse and provoked a thoughtful discussion of feminism and domestic violence. As we observed, domestic abuse is a topic that evokes many feelings and can be controversial in its display. I for instance, was completely shocked by the images of […]

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Strong Words

Although last week’s class readings revolved primarily around the blues and blues singers, the first part of our class discussion revolved around domestic abuse towards women.  We reviewed the exhibit photos of Donna Ferreto’s documentary Living with The Enemy which depict women in violent situations.  We questioned, and I still do, how Ms. Ferreto was […]

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Museums and Social Activism

I want to reflect on a part of last week’s discussion that focused on the representation of social issues in museums. Although the conversation centered on domestic violence, it could have applied to poverty, homophobia, discrimination, or any other difficult subject that people don’t like to talk about. I strongly believe that museums have an […]

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Hide Your Wife

Last week’s discussion on domestic abuse made me think about a particular pastime of mine.  On a lazy day, I can often be found plopped on the couch, fanatically engulfed in a marathon of real life murder mysteries and unsolved missing persons stories on my favorite TV channel, Investigation Discovery.  They play the same episodes […]

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