The Silent Sufferers

The first part of last week’s class focused on the blog post dealing with domestic abuse and provoked a thoughtful discussion of feminism and domestic violence. As we observed, domestic abuse is a topic that evokes many feelings and can be controversial in its display. I for instance, was completely shocked by the images of battered women taken by an outsider known to be present by the abuser and the abused. Even after the discussion, I think we recognized the importance of bringing such issues to light yet we did not know exactly how to educate others and expose such violence. Nor do I think we know exactly how to recognize domestic abuse in all its forms and victims. What about men in abusive relations?


No, I’m not talking about the men who abuse their wives and children. I am talking about the men who are the abused.


So why are there more support and awareness groups for abused women? One reason why is that more women are coming out on their abusive relationships than men. Perhaps due to being embarrassed, in denial, or feeling as though the abuse is a sign of weakness, men simply do not report attacks made on them by their significant others.

Regardless, it is ignored by the general public because it is expected that men should be stronger, and if they are abused, then they should have an easier time leaving the relationship. Still, many men silently suffer and the abuse is overlooked. While there may be more women victims out there who need help, this is no excuse to make the male population feel as though they have nowhere to turn.


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