The Great Gatsby: Debunked

Jay Gatsby is the great and mysterious driving force behind F. Scott Fitzgerald’s great American novel, The Great Gatsby. That’s a lot of “greats” for one guy. What really makes Gatsby so great? And is his greatness real or is it just a euphemism for the American dream gone wrong? At first glance Gatsby would […]

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The Unexpected Nature of it All: The Legacy of Lynching in America

Before relocating from Brooklyn to upstate New York, I read and studied lots about Sanford Biggers’ upcoming exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. I read reviews about his works, and I explored interviews and videos about his methodologies, travels, and inspirations. Biggers’ exhibition was highly anticipated, and I must admit that I was disappointed to learn […]

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Brutality on Display

Throughout my life, my mother has often said to me that she “won’t allow someone to cry alone in her presence.” With such a role model in my life, it’s no surprise that I grew up being a person who is acutely sensitive to the pain of those around him. It is very easy for […]

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During the short story “Big Boy Leaves Home” by Richard Wright, the title character and his friend Bobo are on the run after shooting the white man who killed two of their friends. As they run, Bobo says to Big Boy several times, “Theys gonna lynch us.” [1] In the end, Bobo is captured, tortured, […]

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