Threshold of Revelation

Threshold of Revelation By Meghan Evans Tony Kushner’s Angels in America: Part 1 Millennium Approaches tells the story of eight characters that struggle with lies and secrets surrounding their identity. The play is set in New York City in 1985, at the beginning of the HIV/AIDS crisis in America. Driven by fear, the characters confront […]

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Talking Domestic Workers Rights at the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

“The domestic work industry is structured in ways that amplify the potential for the abuse of worker’s rights and dignity” [1]. In 2012 The National Domestic Workers Alliance, in partnership with the University of Illinois at Chicago completed the first national survey that examines the plight of domestic workers in the United States [2].  The study […]

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Hopes and Dreams

In a decision that will likely have far-reaching influence in the media, the Associated Press decided to drop the phrase “illegal immigrant” from its style book.  The AP argues that the term “illegal” is imprecise and should only apply to actions, not people [1].  The AP’s choice fits with immigration and Latino rights groups’ arguments […]

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What would I paint?

What would I paint? By Meghan Evans Last week, Paul D’Ambrosio guest lectured on the works of Ralph Fasanella and Malcah Zeldis. The works presented and the issues they represent struck me. They painted about their lives as children of immigrants. They painted scenes of the working class. With all of these scenes representing cultural […]

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Hope or Despair?

In Krik? Krak!, a collection of short stories about Haitians and Haitian Americans, the reader learns of the struggles of the Haitian country during a period in the late twentieth century. [1] The narrators in “Children of the Sea” describe devastating events that force the reader to confront the horrors, challenges, and also the endless […]

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Who is Taking Our Jobs?

The Children are dead already.  We are killing them, That is what America should be saying; On TV, in the streets, in offices, should be saying, “We aren’t giving the children a chance to live.” Mexicans are taking our jobs, they say instead. What they really say is, let them die, and the children too. […]

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Kids Can Think Too!

Kids and education. We tend to always discuss the tough topics in class and eventually we come back to the question; “yea, but can we present this to children?” My response? Yes! I know, this book uses the words masturbation, boner, and more derogatory terms, but it still provides the reader with something to take […]

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Graffiti as History

Vandalism normally is bad for historic sites.  It is destructive and illegal, especially when done on federal property.  So why does the National Park Service protect Native American graffiti on Alcatraz Island? When Alcatraz Island became a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in 1972, the NPS assumed responsibility for preserving and interpreting […]

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