Mother Tongue Monologues


This week’s readings targeted the topic of black feminism. In Blues Legacies and Black Feminism, Angela Davis shows how female blues artists broached topics that were not normally a part of public discussion. They openly referred to taboo topics such as intimate partner violence, rape, and sexuality. This made me wonder how black women are facing these issues today.

The Museum of Women’s Resistance in Brooklyn, New York focuses on Black Feminist histories with the goal to promote women’s demonstrated capacity to reach across barriers to mount resistance and build movements for social justice. This museum, like the blues singers we read about, openly acknowledges the issues faced by black women today. It also takes it one step further from acknowledgement, to call for action.

Through a program called Mother Tongue Monologues, the Museum of Women’s Resistance aims to raise consciousness by bringing together actors, artists, and activist who take the audience on journeys illuminated the struggles of African American women today. Primarily, the Mother Tongue Monologues addresses the politics

To advertise their events, the Museum of Women’s Resistance utilizing social media. What is nice about Facebook is that it keeps a record of how many views you have and how many people like or comment on an individual post. It is easier to measure the number of people you are reaching and gage how the extent to which they interact with the information. Each post features actors, dancers, and activist and a photograph of that person. The photographs are different in tone. Some are thought-provoking while others are more relatable. You may stop, thinking it is one of your friends on your newsfeed, to find that it is somebody like you making a difference. It becomes easier to recognize yourself amongst the people involved. Modern issues are address in a modern format.

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