Hidden So Deep, It’s Not Even There

After our discussion regarding Strange Fruit in class, I spent a little time searching for songs with hidden meaning. Strange Fruit for me doesn’t have a hidden a meaning, it’s simply a choice to hear, or not hear, the message. I wanted to see what messages were out there that I might have missed before. This took me to songs about oppression, rape, drugs, and of course war, most of which I already knew. What I found surprising were artists writing songs about nothing, but singing them in a way that made them sound important. Blues Traveler did it with Hook and The Beatles did it with I Am The Walrus. I personally had never heard these songs before, but it got me thinking about what songs I have listened to that have no meaning.

This idea of musical non-sense is thought provoking because artists have artistic freedom to create powerful messages, but in these cases they didn’t. Instead they created nothing, but it’s catchy! I think this has an even more powerful message then music with hidden meanings. It confirms the idea that even when things are right in front of us, we can’t see them.

Hook – Blues Traveler, Watch it Here

I Am The Walrus – The Beatles, Watch it Here

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