Bruce Jenner’s Journey

In the introduction of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, Jennifer Finney Boylan says, “If I’ve met over 5,000 transgender people, I’ve probably heard 5,000 different explanations of what it means to be trans, and what our defining experiences are.”[1] Bruce Jenner’s recent interview with Diane Sawyer embodies her statement that there is no one path to […]

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Community and Collaboration in Waves of Identity: 35 Years of Archiving

The Waves of Identity: 35 Years of Archiving exhibition at New York City’s Museum of Chinese in America helped celebrate the museum’s 35 year history while also looking at concepts of Chinese identity in America.  Open from September 25, 2014 to March 1, 2015, the exhibition examined the museum’s history, how the organization has changed, […]

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I Put On Some Makeup

In early April my family, boyfriend, and I went to go see “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” on Broadway. That evening featured Tony award winning Lena Hall (her last night!) and John Cameron Mitchell, the writer of the show. The show is about a young man named Hansel who grew up in East Berlin while the wall […]

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Misguided Opportunities: The Undocumented Immigrant Experience

Immigration policy is a contested and challenging issue that continues to shape the United States as a nation with profound effects on the individuals that hope to gain opportunities in America. According to America in Progress there are1.3 million undocumented Asian immigrants in America. Asian Americans have played a significant role in advocating for immigration reform and […]

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Native American Mascots: The Fight to Reclaim a Name

Living in North Dakota for four years, and having members of Native American tribes who have married into my extended family, gave me a firsthand experience in discussing contemporary Native American issues with members of North Dakota tribe. Contemporary Native American people are experiencing issues that have continued from early racism and disregard for Native American feelings. […]

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