Confronting Museums and Myself

In reflecting on this class and its content throughout the semester, I’ve found that the knowledge and experience I’ve learned have been applied to situations I’ve encountered outside of the classroom. One instance that comes to mind is during the Emerging Scholars Symposium for Material Culture in Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday April 23, 2016. The […]

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Treating People as People

A few years ago I came across the book Righteous Dopefiend, by anthropologist Philippe Bourgois and photographer Jeff Schonberg. Written after over 10 years of field study, the book looks at the lives of several homeless addicts in the San Francisco area during the 1990’s. There is a lot to be learned from the experiences […]

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Reflection: Start a Conversation

Throughout this semester we have covered a large array of topics. In all of our discussions we continually returned to the same conclusion; discussion is necessary to finding solutions to the issues discussed in class. This past week we covered two topics, disability history and the heroin issues both in our country and internationally. Both […]

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Intersecting Oppressions: Eugenics and the Reproductive Justice Movement

Although it is a subject often separated from mainstream history, eugenics policy and practices are woven throughout many contemporary and historical issues. Among these is the issue of reproductive rights. While eugenics advocates for the improvement of a population by either promoting a higher rate of reproduction among “fit” groups, and/or discouraging reproduction among those […]

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A Museum for Everyone: Accessibility at the Please Touch Museum

Historically, museums have struggled reaching out to and welcoming populations with various forms of disability. Like the rest of society, most museums often times neglected to make their institutions and programs accessible to people with disabilities. Fortunately, examples do exist to show that at least some museums strived to make themselves inviting to individuals, regardless […]

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