COIL Reflections

In the fourth grade I had a pen pal who lived in Colombia; we would exchange letters once every few weeks and would discuss school, sports, etc. Thanks to technology, the pen pal experience has changed and thanks to COIL, I had to opportunity to instantly meet face to face with someone in a different […]

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Reflection: COIL

Interacting with people from a distance is something that people in my generation are extremely efficient at. Using COIL to build relationships is a unique, yet logical, way to create relationships with people from all over the world, especially in a society that is driven by technology. Although my COIL experience was most likely different […]

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The Challenge of Making New Friends and Maintaining Friendships

When I was first assigned to do Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) with two university students in Cali, Columbia, I was anxious. COIL, which involves having Skype conversations with students in another country (in our case, Columbia) and learning from each other, combines some of the skills I am worst at: making conversation with people […]

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