Reflection: Between the World and Me

Discussing racial relations and issues is never an easy subject to dive into. As a white woman, the conflicts and experiences described by Ta-Nehisi Coates in Between the World and Me were almost unfathomable. While the current political climate has opened my eyes to many of the injustices people of color still face in modern society, hearing a first hand account of these terrifying encounters really shook my core.

Race is not a topic that can be discussed lightly. There are still, to this day, inequalities faced by others that often go unnoticed in my life, due to the inherent advantages I have as a white person. I cannot imagine having to strategically walk home from school as a child in order to avoid gunfire, or being constantly profiled by law enforcement when I have done nothing wrong. These issues, no matter how uncomfortable to discuss, need to be faced in order to fully comprehend the global scheme of life.

After our class discussion on this work, I thought about how ignorant I am in regards to this subject for a long time. It allowed me to reflect on the struggles that some of my best friends face daily that I have never taken the time to acknowledge or stand up against. No one should ever feel like they are less-than. The lessons learned from Coates will stay with me into the future, and I am lucky to have read this piece.

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