Reflection: COIL

This semester we had the opportunity as a class to participate in Collaborated Online International Learning; also known as the COIL project. Upon introduction to this project I was both excited and hesitant to move forward. The primary reason for hesitation was the knowledge that I was expected to communicate clearly with an individual whose first language was Spanish. Throughout high school I took many French classes, and went far with learning that language. The majority of people I usually spoke with had taken Spanish and explored Spanish speaking culture, so I immediately felt at a disadvantage in this aspect. Upon my first conversation with my partner, this feeling quickly went away.

The fear of difficulty with communication was one that was not nearly as prevalent as I expected it to be. The more difficult aspect of this project was the coordination of times to speak with partners. Unfortunately I was only able to have one full Skype conversation with one of my assigned partners. The conflict of schedules and responsibilities between us made it extremely difficult to coordinate a second Skype conversation. We were; however, able to communicate fairly regularly through Facebook. Through these communications we were able to discuss the similarities and differences within our lives.

Overall I found this experience to be a beneficial one. It proved to be fairly difficult to arrange due to busy schedules, but I believe this is a minor complication that could be easily fixed. Perhaps the implementation of a schedule at the beginning of the project would assist with this issue.

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