Since the early 2000s, discussions of the LGBTQ+ community have become less taboo and more accessible to people who are questioning their place within heteronormative society. The community also holds a tentative place in mainstream media. Nevertheless, heteronormative culture often considers Queer people and the place that they hold in society up for debate. From […]

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On Between the World And Me

During the first day of class, I was frustrated. I didn’t quite understand why, in our entry point to the course, my hesitation with chuckling at white tears might not be beneficial to the class discussion. I thought, “Well, that doesn’t seem constructive. How could we presume to know that person’s experience?” To this, the […]

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The Museum of Broken Windows

“I write to you in your fifteenth year. I am writing to you because this was the year you saw Eric Garner choked to death for selling cigarettes…” ~Ta-Nehisi Coates [1] In September 2018, the New York Civil Liberties Union opened a ten-day pop-up museum titled the Museum of Broken Windows. This free art exhibition […]

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Personal Stories of the Holocaust

Discussion of the Third Reich and the Holocaust often focuses on the massive devastation and human destruction that occurred. At the heart of all that devastation lay the individual men, women, and children who suffered. Through personal stories, the full atrocities of the Holocaust come to light in a real and emotional way. As inherently […]

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