My Activist Life

One April morning in 2004 it was announced that George W. Bush would be coming to speak in Buffalo. Adamantly opposed to the war in Iraq since the very start, several classmates and I decided that we wanted to go and protest in front of Kleinhans Music Hall, where he was speaking. Unfortunately, I was […]

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Bringing History Home

“How can you criticize our history? You did the same thing in America to the Indians.” I was on the Perth subway with several classmates two days after arriving in Australia. In a casual conversation with the stranger, a classmate had explained that we were spending time with members of the Noongar tribe in Western […]

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Great Gatsby: The Video Game

Love The Great Gatsby? Want to take on the persona of Nick Carraway as you battle waiters, flappers, sewer alligators, mobsters, and the laser-shooting spectacles of Dr. Eckleburg? Check out the Great Gatsby for NES game. Accurate story line? No. Original Nintendo game? No. Good procrastination tool? Yes!

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In the Spirit of Love

The fast approach of Valentine’s Day has colored my academic lenses. Though some contend this is a holiday created by greeting card companies, I love the grocery store aisles of red and pink. I could (and have) spent more time than I care to admit reading card after card in store after store, all in […]

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