Reflection: COIL

This semester we had the opportunity as a class to participate in Collaborated Online International Learning; also known as the COIL project. Upon introduction to this project I was both excited and hesitant to move forward. The primary reason for hesitation was the knowledge that I was expected to communicate clearly with an individual whose […]

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Reflection: Coil

When I was first introduced to the Collaborated Online International Learning (COIL), I was extremely nervous about interacting with native Spanish speaker since I do not speak Spanish myself. After getting into contact with my COIL partners, all of those concerns faded. Each one was decently fluent in English and even if they were unable […]

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Reflection: Ability

Every time I find myself discussing ability I grasp onto some new concept that I want to understand further. During our class discussion on ability I was intrigued by differing perceptions of ability and how they relate to identity. Identity is always an interesting topic, is it something we place upon ourselves or something assigned to […]

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Reflection: Between the World and Me

Discussing racial relations and issues is never an easy subject to dive into. As a white woman, the conflicts and experiences described by Ta-Nehisi Coates in Between the World and Me were almost unfathomable. While the current political climate has opened my eyes to many of the injustices people of color still face in modern society, hearing […]

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Celebrating a Vision

The novel An Anthropologist on Mars explores seven different tales focusing primarily on individuals with disabilities and how they perceive and flourish in the world that surrounds them. The very first tale Oliver Sacks explores is the tale of an artist who loses the ability to distinguish color after getting into an accident. At first, he only […]

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