Art Spiegelman’s Holocaust

After seeing Maus on the syllabus I wondered why it was there.  I had read the story twice beforehand and appreciated it, but could not understand why we had been assigned a book mostly focused on European history.  The Holocaust is very important, but what does it mean for a class on American history?  Then […]

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Graphic Art

My mother ended 1986 laboring to bring my baby sister into the world, but in some ways events that occurred earlier that year would have an equally significant effect on my life. This was the year that brought about some great changes in the world of sequential art, or comics, and one of the men […]

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Up Close and Personal

I get emotional every time I read a Holocaust survivor’s memoir, watch the movie Life is Beautiful, or view Holocaust themed works of art. Beyond the inevitable tears, my immediate reaction to stories about the Holocaust includes anger, disillusionment, and the realization that I can never truly understand the horror that millions of people experienced. […]

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