Autism in the Museum: A Case Study of the BEST Program at the Museum of Science-Boston

Knowledge and awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders continues be on the rise. The United States measures the incidence at 1 in 68 children now, up from 1 in 150 in 2000 [1]. Museums are beginning to do their part by creating programming specifically designed to suit the needs of children, and families of children with […]

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When Teaching Becomes Tricky

When I enter a museum – I can put on one of two hats. I can be the budding museum professional my graduate program is preparing me to be or I can suspend my disbelief and morph into a casual museum visitor. One allows me the freedom to examine exhibitions with a critical eye and […]

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Cora’s Choice

I keep thinking about the discussion we had over Langston Hughes’s character Cora in the short story “Father and Son,” found in Hughes’s novel, The Way of White Folks. In it, Cora, a black servant, seemingly willingly becomes the black mistress to her white owner, Colonel Norwood. Not only does Colonel Norwood seem to care […]

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