Who Are You?

Children almost always push back against the identity their parents assign them.  There were three short stories we read for this week in which children struggled with older generations to define their identities, both as Americans and as immigrants, as well as their notions of success and a good life.   Although each story addressed these […]

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Butch Today, Femme Tomorrow

The visibility of lesbian culture in modern America is greater than ever before, however, it is plagued by stereotypes.  The stereotypes run the gambit from the glamour of The L Word to the overly sexualized lesbian fantasy of the male sphere. Popular culture’s display of lesbian couples such as Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi […]

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Hippie vs. Hipster

Quick, who do you hate more, hipsters or hippies?  What about this: who matters more?  While hippies are still derided for their idealism, they are also romanticized as cultural pioneers.  Hipsters certainly have not attained this cache, but I wonder, what will people say of hipsters in 40 years? The Museum at Bethel Woods commemorates […]

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Pretty Little Liar

I’ve always loved Daisy Buchanan, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most well-known female character. As a teenager reading The Great Gatsby for the first time, I rooted for the forbidden pairing of Gatsby and Daisy, or Gatisy, as a true “shipper” would call them. Daisy’s charisma, confidence, and beauty captivated me and, like Gatsby, I easily forgave […]

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Can I get you your check?

When reading Nickeld and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich I gained more from the account when I read it as a middle class woman entering into a wage grade job and less than desirable living conditions. When the book is read from this perspective I believe it raises its value, especially in light of the current […]

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