I am myself.

Jennifer Boylan is an author, an activist, and an educator. Her writing is about her life and experiences. At its core her work is about her identity. Jennifer is transgender, but her identity is more complex than just her gender identity. Jennifer was born James and began her transition in the early 2000s with the […]

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Creating the Future Through the Past

Is a museum a place where cultures go to die, or where they go to live?  According to James Clifford, the answer is increasingly the latter.  Museums are becoming places of cultural exchange, reciprocity, and contest.  They are becoming contact zones, where cultures enter into ongoing relationships.  According to Clifford, “When museums are seen as […]

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Texas Textbooks Revisited

Given Audrey’s post on the Texas textbook controversy several weeks ago, I was excited to see the issue pop up again, this time framed in an interesting context and with some connection to this week’s discussion. “Studies in Crap” is a weekly blog written by Alan Scherstuhl for The Pitch (a Kansas City news/entertainment/events website). […]

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Welcome to the Emerald City

Picture this:  a small, typical, rural-for-New England town of about 5,000 people.  Formerly agricultural, now a bedroom community for neighboring town’s industrial companies, the only development consists of two small shopping centers of about five buildings each.  Zoning laws require that each property have two acres on the road, creating the illusion of a woodsy […]

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