Inventor and Oppressor: Alexander Graham Bell, Eugenics, and the Deaf Community

  Alexander Graham Bell is best known for inventing the telephone, a device that has connected mankind on a global scale since its conception. Strangely enough, this same man spent a portion of his life working to keep people apart. Bell was a firm believer in eugenics, which has been defined as the science of better […]

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Scientists and Society

Class discussion on Tuesday, March 24th left me with quite a few unanswered questions about the nature of humanity and science. We discussed our perceived differences between historians and scientists. Are historians inherently more introspective, pessimistic about the world, and more willing to discuss the dark side of society than scientists? I wanted to know […]

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Humanity Before Perfection

I left last Tuesday’s discussion ready to more deeply discuss disability/ability as it relates to eugenics. While all of our conversations are respectful, this topic began to ignite some debate towards the end of class. A contentious point was how modern medicine does or does not factor into the disability and eugenics discussion. Should science […]

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The Justifications We Make

On Tuesday we were faced with the question, what are we doing with science now that we will look back at in fifty years and be unnerved by? This was in response to the discussion on America’s history surrounding eugenics. Where I was headed with my comment was Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). There is research […]

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When Racism Is Policy

“What is your ancestry?” Chances are, we’ve all heard this question from time to time. Often, we’ll respond to this line of inquiry with something similar to: “oh, I’m about three-quarters Scottish, one quarter Danish.” But have you ever stopped to consider just where the idea came from? At some point, someone came up with […]

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