Holocaust Awareness

When I was in about second or third grade I asked my dad what the Holocaust was.  I do not remember where I first heard the word “Holocaust,” but it seemed important and serious.  I had just started religious school and we were on our way home.  I am not sure what exactly he told […]

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Art Spiegelman’s Holocaust

After seeing Maus on the syllabus I wondered why it was there.  I had read the story twice beforehand and appreciated it, but could not understand why we had been assigned a book mostly focused on European history.  The Holocaust is very important, but what does it mean for a class on American history?  Then […]

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Softening the Blow – Maus, The Holocaust Museum, and the Representation of History

I first encountered “Maus I” years ago in the juvenile section of my local public library, having not read it but knowing the premise of the graphic novel.  The book made me think about how I would educate my children about difficult topics in history.  This question has again arisen as I have become a […]

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Translating Memory into Action

We remember the Holocaust, in part, to ensure that it never happens again. But the dream of “never again” has yet to become a reality. Even today, the Burmese government permits attacks on civilians, particularly those of ethnic minorities. In the Darfur region of Sudan, millions have been displaced and hundreds of thousands have been […]

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