Hide/Seek: Raising Awareness of AIDS Through Art

On October 30, 2011, the National Portrait Gallery opened its first major museum exhibition to focus on themes of sexual differences in modern American portraiture. Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture brings together a wide range of media, including paintings, photographs, works on paper, film, and installation art. Hide/Seek takes a historical approach, beginning […]

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Untangling Roy Cohn

Tony Kushner’s Angels in America features Roy M. Cohn, a fictionalized version of a real right-wing lawyer who stood center stage in the American politics of the Cold War. Roy Cohn was, in life as in the play, a complex figure full of contradictions. A precocious and arrogant young man, he graduated from Columbia Law […]

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Threshold of Revelation

Threshold of Revelation By Meghan Evans Tony Kushner’s Angels in America: Part 1 Millennium Approaches tells the story of eight characters that struggle with lies and secrets surrounding their identity. The play is set in New York City in 1985, at the beginning of the HIV/AIDS crisis in America. Driven by fear, the characters confront […]

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Hide/Seek at the Brooklyn Museum

Last spring, one of my students blogged about the groundbreaking exhibition Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture at the National Portrait Gallery.  At the time, I was following with great interest the controversy that surrounded Hide/Seek when Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Clough decided to pull David Wojnarowicz’s video “A Fire in My Belly” from the […]

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Tolerance vs. Acceptance

In class this week we discussed the effectiveness of organizing and advocacy versus simply coming out in the struggle for gay rights.  Clearly, both of these things were essential to achieving the progress that GLBTQ people have realized in the past decades. I want to explain what I think the particular effect of each of […]

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You Know How I Know You’re Gay?

Homosexuality and gay rights are a controversial issue issue in America and to many, it has probably always seemed that way. Today, every issue that affects the homosexual community turns into a shouting match between pro and anti gay advocates, who will never really agree with each other. It’s difficult when one group believes that […]

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