Misguided Opportunities: The Undocumented Immigrant Experience

Immigration policy is a contested and challenging issue that continues to shape the United States as a nation with profound effects on the individuals that hope to gain opportunities in America. According to America in Progress there are1.3 million undocumented Asian immigrants in America. Asian Americans have played a significant role in advocating for immigration reform and […]

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Identity and Immigration

This week’s class discussion on Latino immigration to the United States was probably the most personal for me so far.  As a descendent of Mexican immigrants who grew up in California, I’ve always been surrounded by this topic, both consciously and subconsciously.  What struck me about our readings and discussion was the role that identity […]

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The Great Job Debate

Every day we hear about the loss of jobs in America. Congress, the President, legislators, all assure us they are creating new jobs and addressing the alarming unemployment rate. At the same time, people use the media to claim that the decline in jobs is due to an increase in Mexican and Latin American immigration. They […]

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Haitian Cultural Stories and Immigration Experience in America

In 2009 the Brooklyn Children’s Museum did a program on Haiti cultural exchange titled:  Krik? Krak! Storytelling & Songs at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. The program was the first in a series of cultural programs focusing on oral history traditions.[1] Caroline’s Wedding a chapter in Krik? Krak!, explores the themes of cultural betweeness and assimilation […]

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