Happy Mother’s Day?

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to discuss something that has irked me since reading Bread Givers and something that each reading has almost unilaterally reinforced. For a while now, authors have touched upon racial and ethnic stereotypes of motherhood. While as demeaning as those stereotypes are, the authors have recognized (but often skirted […]

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A Call for Empathy

The Huffington Post is a favorite blog of mine, so when in the course of my surfing I ran across Jeffrey Kaye’s February 25th article, “Short Memories: Jews and Immigration,” I thought it was a really timely post given last week’s discussion. Kaye’s thesis is simple but hardly without controversy, “that the Jewish immigration experience […]

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Sara Smolinsky v. Rebecca Rubin

“When you choose an American Girl doll, you’ll discover a new world of imagination. That’s because each character stars in unique stories of courage, loyalty, compassion, and leadership. Learn how the challenges and joys of growing up in another era still relate to girls in 2010. Explore books and products developed to encourage play and […]

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