Equal Opportunity Employers

When Barbara Ehrenreich chose “Maine for its whiteness,” she was not doing so out of some sort of white upper-middle-class squeamishness about working with poor people of a different race.[1] If anything, the liberal daughter of a union man had likely set out in her research for Nickel and Dimed hoping to find some sort […]

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Day Care Through The Nose

In Nickel and Dimed, Barbara Ehrenreich wrote about Maddy, a young single mother in Portland, Maine, who used her boyfriend’s sister as a babysitter. She paid this babysitter fifty dollars a week, instead of paying ninety dollars for a “real day care center.” [1] Affordable child care is a problem, especially for single-parent families living […]

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Symbols of Success

In Labor of Love, Labor of Sorrow, Jacqueline Jones briefly contrasted the treatment of women’s work in Ebony, the “nation’s largest-circulation black magazine,” to that in Life, its white counterpart.  [1]  Jones asserted that while both magazines spoke to traditional, middle class values, Ebony promoted black civil rights and emphasized “intelligence and diversity in women,” […]

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Keeping them on the fields

The Legislative Black Caucus of South Carolina is not calling for a worldwide class revolution, or even organizing a demonstration of thousands to demand bread. These lawmakers are, however, hitting white elites where it hurts by urging black football recruits to reconsider attending the University of South Carolina (USC). The caucus is responding to the university’s board […]

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Painting a Unified Labor Force

This piece reveals the ability art has to address important political and social issues.  It depicts a garment factory symbolizing the factory that Fasanella worked in as a young man with his mother and sister.  Fasanella, his mother, and his sister are all painted in the scene, highlighting the import role the factory played in […]

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