Vigilante Injustice

Without a doubt, lynching in the United States is one of the dirtiest stains, if not the single dirtiest, in our nation’s history. Perhaps it even outdoes years of disenfranchisement, internment camps, and the institution of slavery itself. The culture of lynch mobs that was prevalent in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was […]

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The Faces of HIV

photo from Roy: And what is my diagnosis, Henry? Henry: You have AIDS, Roy. Roy: No, Henry, no.  AIDS is what homosexuals have.  I have liver cancer. [1] Oftentimes, it seems as if HIV/AIDS is a faceless epidemic that people do not want to speak about or associate themselves with.  However in reality, the virus […]

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Question Eight

Last year I was in charge of filling out the census for my house.  Being a history student, I was very excited to be involved in history.  My roommates, however, were not as thrilled.  I wanted to be as accurate as possible, so I hounded them for days to help me.  Finally we sat down […]

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