Native American Voices: Come and Listen

The Penn Museum’s current exhibit Native American Voices: The People—Here and Now is a powerful celebration of contemporary indigenous cultures as living, breathing entities. Native American history as commonly recounted in the United States is a tale of woe and loss, framing Native groups as near extinct and struggling to survive. Post-contact Native history is […]

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In Honor of the People

In Honor of the People By Meghan Evans In 2008, Minnesotans voted for an increase in sales taxes to create the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment (Legacy Amendment). This amendment gave much needed financial support “to preserve arts and cultural heritage”. [1] One project funded by the Legacy Amendment was In Honor of the […]

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The Magical Foxwoods

When I first moved to the East Coast everyone asked me if I had been to this magical place called Foxwoods.  The way people described it I thought Foxwoods was some kind of an oasis.  To say the least, I was thoroughly disappointed to find out that it was just an Indian casino. Gambling is […]

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The Politics of Sharing

In the late 19th and early 20th century, the American and Canadian governments began establishing boarding and residential schools designed to assimilate and acculturate Native children. By “civilizing” the young children, and  “erasing” their Native background, these children could become more “productive” members of North American society. Leap from the boarding school era to the […]

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