Tolerance vs. Acceptance

In class this week we discussed the effectiveness of organizing and advocacy versus simply coming out in the struggle for gay rights.  Clearly, both of these things were essential to achieving the progress that GLBTQ people have realized in the past decades. I want to explain what I think the particular effect of each of […]

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Texas Textbooks Revisited

Given Audrey’s post on the Texas textbook controversy several weeks ago, I was excited to see the issue pop up again, this time framed in an interesting context and with some connection to this week’s discussion. “Studies in Crap” is a weekly blog written by Alan Scherstuhl for The Pitch (a Kansas City news/entertainment/events website). […]

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Class, Race, and Gender

This course examines representations of class, race, and gender in American culture from 1900 to the present.  Its primary objective is to introduce students to a range of nonfiction and fiction works that explore one or more of these key concepts.  Engaging with the texts in this course will provide the basis for a rich […]

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