I am myself.

Jennifer Boylan is an author, an activist, and an educator. Her writing is about her life and experiences. At its core her work is about her identity. Jennifer is transgender, but her identity is more complex than just her gender identity. Jennifer was born James and began her transition in the early 2000s with the […]

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Express Yourself: Sexual Expression in Black Women Across Class Boundaries

For many African American women, their sexual expression and the perception of their bodies by others has not been historically theirs to own. With stereotypes such as the view as an overtly sexual being such as the “Jezebel” having followed them for centuries past and present, African American women struggle to express their sexual freedom. […]

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Racial Stereotyping: Black Women and the Need to Shift the Narrative

Three of the main racial stereotypes applied to black women today were formulated to rationalize the treatment of black slave women by white owners. These stereotypes—Mammy, Jezebel, and Sapphire—were crafted to assuage owners who treated slave women atrociously. By asserting that female black slaves were overly lewd or angry, white slave owners justified raping and […]

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The Faces of HIV

photo from http://www.wemakethechange.com/faces/ Roy: And what is my diagnosis, Henry? Henry: You have AIDS, Roy. Roy: No, Henry, no.  AIDS is what homosexuals have.  I have liver cancer. [1] Oftentimes, it seems as if HIV/AIDS is a faceless epidemic that people do not want to speak about or associate themselves with.  However in reality, the virus […]

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Threshold of Revelation

Threshold of Revelation By Meghan Evans Tony Kushner’s Angels in America: Part 1 Millennium Approaches tells the story of eight characters that struggle with lies and secrets surrounding their identity. The play is set in New York City in 1985, at the beginning of the HIV/AIDS crisis in America. Driven by fear, the characters confront […]

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An Introduction to the Blues

An Introduction to the Blues By Meghan Evans I remember the night it happened. My cell phone rang. My mother was on the other end, “It’s time.” At the hospice home, I sat there holding my mother and stared in awe at my grandfather opposite me. He sat next to his beloved wife, holding her […]

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Hide/Seek at the Brooklyn Museum

Last spring, one of my students blogged about the groundbreaking exhibition Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture at the National Portrait Gallery.  At the time, I was following with great interest the controversy that surrounded Hide/Seek when Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Clough decided to pull David Wojnarowicz’s video “A Fire in My Belly” from the […]

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