Keeping them on the fields

The Legislative Black Caucus of South Carolina is not calling for a worldwide class revolution, or even organizing a demonstration of thousands to demand bread. These lawmakers are, however, hitting white elites where it hurts by urging black football recruits to reconsider attending the University of South Carolina (USC). The caucus is responding to the university’s board […]

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You Can Be a Macho, Macho Man

I usually end up with a hopeless feeling after a discussion of a man “coming out” within an hyper-masculine subculture, such as the military or certain athletics. It is completely illogical that a man who has come up through the warrior-like atmosphere around something like football would somehow be committing some irreparable offense to his […]

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Phelps in Hot Water

Jason Whitlock, writer for the Kansas City Star and, is the columnist whose name I could not remember during our class discussion on race and sports. Whitlock offered here an analysis of the Phelps incident and racial double-standards in the sports world (or the lack thereof in this instance), something that came up during […]

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