Toyota Throwback

It seems that Toyota is looking to fashion a new image for itself after the company’s recent legal issues.  Their new television commercial for their popular Avalon model harkens back to a time when products were thought to be safely and solidly built.  The commercial features an extravagant Art Deco train station set that is arguably […]

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The Pill Turns 50

There’s no such thing as the Car or the Shoe or the Laundry Soap. But everyone knows the Pill, whose FDA approval 50 years ago rearranged the furniture of human relations in ways that we’ve argued about ever since.[1] This weekend, I ran across an article on memorializing the 50th birthday of the birth […]

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A Woman’s Place

What is a woman’s place? The image of the 1950’s housewife that proliferated media during woman’s liberation as an anti woman’s lib sentiment argued that the woman’s place was the home. The argument continues today, even with the advances made in the struggle for woman’s equality, the year 2010 still sees a belief in prescribed […]

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Ward and June in Trouble

The feminist movement.  What images come to mind when you hear those words.  More than likely they are images such as the one below. It seems that the history of the women’s liberation movement we remember is largely one of public demonstration, political action, and leaders, such as Betty Freidan.  Of course, it is always […]

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