Class Timeline for “Migration and Community” Fall 2019


Bridging Big Tops: A History of Mexican Migration’s Impact on American Circuses and Carnivals, 1840-Present

Connection Forged Through Labor: Jamaican Migration to the United States

The Cost of Existentialism: The Reasons and Consequences Behind Elderly Migration to Florida

Migration and the HIV/AIDS Crisis, 1981-2018


Class Timeline for “Migration and Community” Fall 2018


Queer Immigration and United States Policy, 1952-2017

Unaccompanied Children, the Humanitarian Crisis

Before Pearl Harbor & the Internment Camps: Discrimination Against Japanese Americans and Immigrants, 1890s to 1952

Bremen to Baltimore: German Immigration to Maryland, 1820-1914

Vietnamese Refugees Resettling in Southeast Texas


Class timeline for “Migration and Community” Fall 2016

Class timeline for “Migration and Community” Fall 2015


Generations of African American Writers Reflect on the Great Migration

Young Lords in Chicago: Activism as Migration Story

Culinary Immigrants: Chinese American Cuisine and the Immigrant Experience

Anti-Semitism and its Effect on U.S. Immigration Policy Before and After the Holocaust

Neither Citizen nor Alien: Racism and Repatriation of Filipinos in America

Fractured Unity: The Unrecognized History of the Filipino Farm Labor Movement

Joseph Smith and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints



The Fight Against Chinese Exclusion

Over 100 Years of Arab American Activism

Changing Mexican-American Life in the Southwest, 1847-1915

Puerto Rican and Dominican Migration to New York City

The Movement of People and Ideas in the Second Great Awakening

Citizenship and Loyalty in WWII Japanese Internment

The Internal Migration of Jewish Detroit

The Polarization of Jewish American Attitudes Toward Jewish Immigration

Displaced Children and Rescue Narratives

Housing Segregation in the Second City

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