The Play’s the Thing

One of the unique aspects of Class, Race, and Gender – both on this blog and in the classroom – has been the fact that our discussions have been as much about how we talk about the most controversial bits of our society as they have been about the history of these meaty topics in […]

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Other Peoples’ Lives

Flying across the country can teach you a lot about our society.  When I flew from New York to California for family vacations I always wondered why my family could not sit in big comfy chairs in first class at the front of the plane.  Why would anyone want to spend 6 hours sitting in […]

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Driver Power!

This morning as I was reading my twitter feed, I stumbled across an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer about a rally that was held by around 300 of the city’s cab drivers on Friday, May 10. [1]  Earlier this week, a cab driver was robbed and killed, in West Philadelphia, while on duty.  As a […]

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AZT Break

For years, the only thing I knew about the culture of the early AIDS epidemic in NYC, I knew from the musical RENT. Sure, I knew more about the disease itself. In fact, in high school I was vice president of a club called the Teen Aids Task Force. We were trained and educated about […]

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Poor it Out on the Stage

This semester we have approached difficult subjects through many different types of mediums. One of the recurring mediums has been theater. Theater productions often have the ability to present controversial issues to the general public in a way that many other mediums do not. As a class it seems that we tend to enjoy these […]

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The Faces of Homelessness

Ventura County, California. When I describe my hometown, breezily summarizing it as a southern California suburb, I have a pretty good idea of what people imagine. Traffic, beaches, large single-family homes, year-around sun. The assumptions are accurate, at least to a point. While I, a middle-class white kid who got good grades, took ballet lessons, […]

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Where Were You?

Image courtesy of the Keith Haring Foundation site Where were you? Where were you when the first plane hit the Twin towers?  Where were you when JFK was shot (if you were alive then; I was not)?  Where were you when Michael Jackson died (OK, so I really only remember this because I was on […]

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