I feel like this is a bit stereotypical in nature that this topic was my first thought for this blog post…but the great thing about delving into stereotypes is coming out with a changed perspective on the other side. I’ve been interested in Indian culture for quite some time…yes, maybe it was in part due […]

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Beyond the Grave…

“He passed a small graveyard surrounded by a high iron picket fence. A white graveyard, he thought and snickered bitterly. Lawd Gawd in Heaven, even the dead cant be together!” [1] In Richard Wright’s novella Fire and Cloud, Reverend Taylor notes the racial divide that crosses the fundamental basis of Christianity as he journeys back from […]

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The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow

I had a difficult time deciding on a website to profile for this week’s class. The subject of racism and the African-American experience in the early 20th century is a popular topic, and there were dozens of sites to choose from. However, I came away from this week’s reading wanting to learn more about the […]

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