Express Yourself: Sexual Expression in Black Women Across Class Boundaries

For many African American women, their sexual expression and the perception of their bodies by others has not been historically theirs to own. With stereotypes such as the view as an overtly sexual being such as the “Jezebel” having followed them for centuries past and present, African American women struggle to express their sexual freedom. […]

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An Introduction to the Blues

An Introduction to the Blues By Meghan Evans I remember the night it happened. My cell phone rang. My mother was on the other end, “It’s time.” At the hospice home, I sat there holding my mother and stared in awe at my grandfather opposite me. He sat next to his beloved wife, holding her […]

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What is political?

Last week in class, we talked extensively about the motivations of the Blues singers we had read about. Did they intend their songs to be political statements, or were they just singing about the way they saw their lives? Does one of those preclude the others? And does the original intent matter if those processing […]

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Messages Through Music

Last week, a major topic of discussion was whether there are any current musicians who serve as current-day examples of the first blues women, such as Gertrude “Ma” Rainey or Bessie Smith. Clouded by skepticism, my initial response to this issue was that current musicians are over-produced, and their music is not as honest, not […]

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Acid Queen, Rock Royalty

In the winter of 2009-2010, a single photograph dominated the New York City subway system.  For me and all the other antisocial strap-hangers desperate to avoid eye contact with a real person, this picture provided a reliable distraction.  It was a photo of Tina Turner in all her glory—mouth open, makeup brassy and fabulous, hair […]

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