My Activist Life

One April morning in 2004 it was announced that George W. Bush would be coming to speak in Buffalo. Adamantly opposed to the war in Iraq since the very start, several classmates and I decided that we wanted to go and protest in front of Kleinhans Music Hall, where he was speaking. Unfortunately, I was […]

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A Work in Progress

At this point in the semester, when I am teetering on the edge of sanity from the acute combination of physical, mental, emotional, and of course museum fatigue, Iris Morales’ visit was the energizing boost I needed to make it to the end.  Teeming with the New York aplomb I desperately miss but will soon […]

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SNCC and the YLP: Student Activism Then and Now

Throughout my college research on the 1960s Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), I learned a lot about what allows groups to function and succeed, and what contributes to major organizational problems. Within SNCC, members considered Martin Luther King, Jr.’s idea of a “beloved community” integral to their organization. This ideal community was based in liberalism and […]

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The Activist Museum

The words “activism” and “museums” are not often spoken in the same breath unless you are referring to a new exciting exhibition installation.  Last week, community activist and documentarian, Iris Morales, provided the possibility for those two words to be strung together. During Ms. Morales’ visit to Cooperstown, we screened her documentary Palente! Siempre Palente! […]

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