Identity and Immigration

This week’s class discussion on Latino immigration to the United States was probably the most personal for me so far.  As a descendent of Mexican immigrants who grew up in California, I’ve always been surrounded by this topic, both consciously and subconsciously.  What struck me about our readings and discussion was the role that identity […]

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Cinema and Disability

Last Tuesday’s class reminded me of how much I love watching movies, which in turn reminded me of the several movies I have seen that depict people living with disabilities. Movies such as The Other Sister, Gattaca, I Am Sam, Temple Grandin, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Call Me Crazy: A Five Film, Radio, Sling Blade, […]

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Scientists and Society

Class discussion on Tuesday, March 24th left me with quite a few unanswered questions about the nature of humanity and science. We discussed our perceived differences between historians and scientists. Are historians inherently more introspective, pessimistic about the world, and more willing to discuss the dark side of society than scientists? I wanted to know […]

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Humanity Before Perfection

I left last Tuesday’s discussion ready to more deeply discuss disability/ability as it relates to eugenics. While all of our conversations are respectful, this topic began to ignite some debate towards the end of class. A contentious point was how modern medicine does or does not factor into the disability and eugenics discussion. Should science […]

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The Great Job Debate

Every day we hear about the loss of jobs in America. Congress, the President, legislators, all assure us they are creating new jobs and addressing the alarming unemployment rate. At the same time, people use the media to claim that the decline in jobs is due to an increase in Mexican and Latin American immigration. They […]

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The Justifications We Make

On Tuesday we were faced with the question, what are we doing with science now that we will look back at in fifty years and be unnerved by? This was in response to the discussion on America’s history surrounding eugenics. Where I was headed with my comment was Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). There is research […]

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